When Bowling Green City Schools (BGCS) needed to transition 15 network servers and over 1,000 workstations onto one platform, they turned to The Technology Advisors.

Our in-house staff recommended that they choose a Windows 2000-based server system. This suggestion allowed Bowling Green City Schools to control all security, permissions and applications from a single server location. So, what did this suggestion mean in the long run? Bowling Green City Schools was able to:

  • Save a substantial amount of time -- The system manager alone saved approximately 200 hours a year by being able to troubleshoot problems right from his desktop.  This methodology also enables him to install updates or view information from a single location.
  • Increase Security -- BGCS can control who accesses their computer systems and when. Security can be drilled down to individuals, workstation, user or group level to lock down applications, control panels and information access.  Whatever information Bowling Green City Schools wants to stay private, it remains private, thanks to The Technology Advisorsí advice.
  • Increased System Integrity and Reliability -- We were able to help increase the schoolís overall system integrity by having each of the systems speak directly to one another with minimal custom programming on our end.  This, in turn, gave Bowling Green City Schools the efficiency they needed along with saving them a substantial amount of money.

As you can see, The Technology Advisors is able to handle complex projects, and at the same time keep in mind your bottom line. Our goal is to increase your overall efficiency, stay within budget and get you back to doing what you do best! After all, your success is our success!

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